Essay Against Animal Testing

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“Each year approximately 115 million animals worldwide are used for scientific or commercial testing, yet out of that amount, only 15 million animals survive. Resulting over 100 million left dead.” Stated Peta, an animal protection organization. Animals are used to develop medical treatments, check the safety of products destined for human use, and other health care uses. However, animal testing cause more hazards than advantages. Some animals include mice, fish, rabbits, hamsters, birds, dogs, mini-pigs, and chimpanzees are abused during animal testings. Humans shouldn’t have the right to target innocent wild or farm animals into Scientific or Commercial testing. Animals in experiments are often the victims of force feeding, prolonged periods …show more content…
Researchers don't have authority to let poor innocent animals be the victims of their “tests” Humans fail to classify the difference between what is right and what is not. As a kid, I used to believe that people care and love animals. Even most religions state we should be merciful and display our kindness to them, so why are we opposing it by torturing them in our experiments? Animal testing is life wasting. The U.S alone drains $16 billion dollars ANNUALLY just to run animal tests that are not even accurate. Would you want your money, as an U.S. Citizen, to get used on killing other animals? You ARE an animal. The expenses go towards the animal's food and housing. Thus, people are spending their money on isolating animals! After housing, the animals just get slaughtered or changed by artificial means. In fact another thousand dollars contribute to the price of the animals themselves. On the other hand, a better option is non-animal testing, including “cell-based tests” or “using human blood cells.” For example, “animal testing for Chromosome toxicity can cost up to $30,000 alternatives is a better option because it saves you up $10,000 in taxpayers expense.” states Humane Society International. It improves the quality of humaneness in science, more economical, and effective. On the contrary, others believe that animals themselves benefit from animal tests. According to Americans for Medical Progress, they

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