How To Become An Obestrician Gynecist

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While choosing your career, you may have had plenty of options. Sometimes because you did not know exactly what you wanted to do or the many jobs could serve as back up plans. Although I would love to become an obestrician gynecologist, I do, however, have back up plans. Those backup plans include becoming a Psychiatrist, Pediatrician, an African American history teacher, or a Barber. The details of each of these jobs have been deeply analyzed and taken into strong consideration. I can see myself obtaining any one of these jobs, and being successful at each. As an obestrician gynecologist, I would provide care and guidance to pregnant women and also provide care to the everyday woman. Mammograms and other procedures are performed by obestrician …show more content…
Although, teaching is not a good paying job, it is a heart fulfilling job that interests me. The best college to become an African American history teacher is University of California – Los Angeles. It will acquire six years of additional education in teaching to become this type of teacher. The salary for this occupation is $73,720. Benefits include medical, dental, and vision care. Also, life insurance, vaccinations, and retirement benefits. Step 1 is to complete a teaching certification program and then pass a specific test that will cover the information that the teacher is supposed to teach. The test is used as a confirmation that the student understands all the jobs that a teacher will be fulfilling and to insure that the student can interpret the standards of learning. The final step is obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, while receiving a master’s degree is preferred, it is not …show more content…
Barbers are very friendly and social. They can be a big help to the communities surrounding them. The best college for aspiring barbers is Texas Barber College and Hairstyling. School would take approximately 10-15 months or 1500 class hours to complete. The average pay for barbers is $22,770. Although barbers do not make a lot of money, barbers can change their clients’ lives. Not only will you leave the barber shop feeling good and confident in your looks, but you will also leave knowing that you can trust your barber. Most people talk and open up about many things to their barber or hair stylist. They are looked at as therapists, consultants, and great friends. Barbers can build a big clientele and possibly even begin to cut hair for famous people. Even though barbers do not become barbers to get rich, knowing that there is a possibility of making a nice tip from a rich customer is great! Barbers are looked as mentors to the youth in the community which is self-rewarding. After completing high school or obtaining a GED, the student must attend and complete Barber College. After graduating Barber College, the student must get a license from the state signaling that the person is capable and ready to become a

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