The Beloved Disciple Essay

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The end of the fourth gospel sets the scene with Peter turning and looking at the one whom Jesus loved. Peter ask Jesus why he has not asked this person to follow him, as he has Peter. Jesus replies with “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is it to you?” The ‘he’ that Jesus is referring to is the beloved disciple. The second to last set of verses in John, does not provide an answer the question of who this Beloved Disciple is, but only raises more. In this essay, I will explore the identity of the Beloved Disciple, and by doing this, also examining the authorship of the gospel. The beloved disciple is a character who is not explicitly named in the fourth gospel. He makes several different appearances within the gospel, but is only referred to as ‘the one whom Jesus loved,’ or ‘beloved disciple.’ The intention of this research is to present possible identities to the beloved disciple, and furthermore, how each of those possibilities effects the literary context of the authorship of John.
Exploring identities of the unnamed beloved disciple is an ongoing mystery. When asking the research question, ‘who is the beloved disciple,’ scholars must be aware that not only are they identifying this subject, but also the person who has taken responsibility for the written witness of Jesus as Messiah. When researching a topic such as the authorship of a biblical text, like John, scholars must also be careful in their conclusions. The sources used for this essay suggest…

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