The Belief Of Folk Psychology Essay

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Eliminative materialism is the view that in order to recognize and describe what exists in the world, it is necessary to eliminate anything mental, such as the mind, mental states and mental properties. In addition, eliminative materialism stresses on the assumption that folk psychology is an outdated theory that must be eliminated, as behaviours are neurological processes and not caused by mental states. In this paper, I will be criticizing eliminative materialism by explaining the importance of folk psychology as how it is necessary to understand mental states and decisions during certain situations.
Folk psychology is the theory in which it explains the behaviours of humans and nonhumans according to their beliefs, desires and other propositional attitudes (142). For instance, if someone were to have a sandwich for lunch, according to folk psychology, the individual has the desire to eat a sandwich because they are hungry. Although, eliminative materialism rejects folk psychology because of the assumption that there are no desires, mental states and propositional attitudes and thus, the desire of eating a sandwich for lunch is just a neurological trigger that is asking for food. Such as, according to eliminative materialism, if someone were to be in pain; it is not pain that they are experiencing, and in fact, it’s the release of chemicals within the brain (140). Hence, eliminative materialism rejects the assumption of mental states affecting behaviour and relies on the…

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