The Behavioral Change Of A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

797 Words Nov 19th, 2015 4 Pages
After completing only five days of this behavioral change, I have come to several conclusions in regards to this challenge. From the very start of this change, I experienced struggles that left me immersing in the belief of whether or not I could go through with it. Like others who also go down this path of losing weight, I started off strong with a pithy mindset to shed off ten pounds. Along with the support of my mother who forged a path for me by contributing to my change, purchasing different kinds of healthy ingredients and learning new recipes. She ultimately, lead me on a path of success, however, my contribution along with the lack of support by friends leads to the downfall of this diet. Consistently being tempted by friends, I yet to develop a strong desire to say no.

Originally I thought I could easily switch over to a healthy lifestyle, by simply saying no to constantly going out to eat. For me, as for others this was a hard trait to develop especially to the fact that going out to eat is persistent for me. Moreover, not only was I tempted but also just an everyday occurrence that placed me in a situation where I could not stay strong with my diet. For instance, coming home really late from work put me in a predicament and in turn I am left with only two options. First was going the rest of the day without eating or stopping by a fast food restaurant and getting a bite to eat. Its situation like these I faced along this journey that I could not find solutions…

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