Essay on The Beauty Of How I Write

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The beauty of how I write is abstract. Abstract is what I define as a style that does not have a constant or regular look while it varies. Writing and literature is an art within itself. We’re taught the letters of the alphabet, consonants, and vowels which is the beginning and basic art of literature. I truthfully state that our signature tells others about the characteristics we portray. Anytime I’ve had to write my signature from my young ages to signing my life away in college contracts, the format was always unique. It depended on if I was rushing or just simply wanted to do a pretty signature but, overall my mood at the moment.

Progressively being taught how to efficiently write has had an forceful impact to make me into a better somebody. It is ideal but, very much true. For me to be very outspoken as a person is to simply flourish and never constant on a daily basis. The years of attending middle school were the days of being eager to learn. Often and even till this day, I’m not the student who’ll stay on topic. Not staying on topic demonstrates how being random is part of who I am as a person. When usually beginning an essay there are flashbacks of one English teacher whom suggested that “shortening the length of pages and run-on sentences could improve my literacy”. The majority of the time when having any English written task her middle school words are taken into consideration.

Dramatically during my twelfth grade year around 2011, the basics of writing…

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