The Beauty Of A Beautiful Girl Essay

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A beautiful girl has the perfect mix of straight and curly hair, a naturally flawless face, a Victoria 's Secret model body, and the set of pearly white teeth. Along with having all of the perfectly shaped physical features; the clothes that corporate companies make in a variety of size are suppose to fit your body as if they were made specifically for you. You are expected to use the perfect hair products and makeup products, know how to use them in the perfect amount. As women we are told growing up that looks mean everything. Not only to be able to find a man so they can provide for you but to find a job and succeed, to get A’s on school papers and pass through high school and college. We are taught that are natural selves are not good enough but we are suppose to be so close to perfect that it almost looks as if we were born so. Advertisement after advertisement, of every beautifully perfect girl who so happens to be able to dance and talk about all the statistics of a hair product at the same time. Corporate companies are defining our beauty standards to impossible lengths for women by manipulating emotional insecurities and using well loved celebrities as a way to define beauty expectations.
In 2016 popular singer/actress Selena Gomez became the leading face of the popular hair care company, Pantene. In these series of commercials Gomez expresses her out pouring love for Pantene’s product Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal. Looking at the first commercial produced,…

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