The Beatles Accomplishments

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“We’re more popular than Jesus now.”, this was said by John Lennon, a member of the notorious rock band “The Beatles” during an interview ; and even though John Lennon did apologise for this statement, it doesn’t make what he said any less true. The Beatles consisted of 4 people: Ringo Starr the drummer, George Harrison the lead guitarist and a back up singer, John Lennon the rhythm guitarist and a lead singer, and Paul McCartney the bass player and a lead singer. They were all born in Liverpool and all were within three years of age of each other. The Beatles were originally know as “The Quarrymen”who, contrary to belief, were known for their leather jackets, jeans, and crazy disorderly hair. Later after getting their manager Brian Epstein …show more content…
The Beatles were active for only 10 years, but in that 10 years they became the greatest band in all of rock history. Their first album was released on January 11, 1963, it was called ¨Please, Please Me¨ and had 14 songs. Not even two months later, February 22nd, it was number one in the charts. The Beatles were so successful that by 1964, not even 2 years after stepping foot in America, had already put out 2 movies: A Hard Day’s Night and Help, which are both named after their most successful albums at that time. They were also very good at performing live. Their first shows were in an old club called “The Indra ” in Hamburg, Germany where prostitution, gang violence, transvestites ,drugs, and murder were very common. The Beatles, at that time The Quarrymen, made their performances more lively by jumping around, shouting, and acting like wild men while performing and singing. This would soon become a very important and well received skill and even in an environment like that in Hamburg, they were often requested to give “8-10 hour shows”. The Beatles were also very popular in the U.S, before even stepping foot in America. The day The Beatles were scheduled to arrive in the U.S. there were already billboards and signs saying that “The Beatles [were] coming”. They also were very popular on Tv, especially “The Ed Sullivan Show”. On February 9th, 1964, …show more content…
The Beatles became popular in the U.S. during a very rough and dark time. The U.S. had just finished the Korean War 11 years ago (1953), and John F. Kennedy had just been assassinated less than a year before that (1963). For these reasons, most men at that time kept their hair short, mainly in case they were drafted into war (Vietnam War, 1955-1975). So when The Beatles came to America for the first time, February 7th, 1994, their long and matching hairstyles were seen as out of this world. They were originally made fun of and often called the “Mot Tops”. But after their original performance on the Ed Sullivan Show, those “Mot Tops” became the new hairstyle. Soon, every young boy and man would be growing out their hair to emulate The Beatles. In fact, there were reports of teenage boys being sent home from school because their hair was “too long”, and people who worked in factories with Beatle-styled hair cuts weren’t allowed inside until they “cut their hair”. There was even a wig making factory in Bethnal Green (A Hamlet in London) with such a high demand for “Beatle Wigs” that they were operating 24-Hours a day to keep up with the demand. The Beatles also really changed fashion of the U.S. The Beatles and their matching suits and shoes really changed how people dressed. From leather jackets, jeans, and

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