Essay on The Battle Of Troy A Myth Or Did It Really Happen?

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The Battle of Troy

The Trojan War has always been a fascination of mine. Joining the military at a young age of 18, I never really cared much about history. This really set me back in my military career as the military is extremely history driven. Not many know it, but the military is dedicated to the past, present and future and learning from it. Units are named off of past conflicts and heroes such as Spartans or Trojans. There is even a website out there for lessons learned so we can grow from. Digging into a topic for a research project, the easiest choice for me was Troy. The movie sparked an extreme interest in learning more about this topic and the heroes of this time. An interesting question that we will get into is this. Is the Battle of Troy a myth or did it really happen?

Homer 's Illiad is the best and most common material that was used for knowledge of this period of time. The problem with this material is that Homer was a poet, not a historian. Facts how that the Troy that Homer described did indeed exist, but the descriptions of the Battle of Troy may have been a myth and exaggerated. Let 's take a look at the battle. The Battle of Troy occurred when a prince named Paris of Troy abducted a Queen of Sparta named Helen. Helen was the wife of Menelaus which was obviously angered at this and declared war on Troy. King Menelaus sends Agamemnon and Odysseus as ambassadors in an attempt to request the return of Queen Helen. Agamemnon and…

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