The Battle Of The Crusade Essay

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In the midst of chaos and confusion, one leader and one faction restored order and shaped a plan that succeeded in uniting the Catholic churches and moralizing an entire empire. The Imperial faction and I, Marquis Boniface of Montferrat, have brought honor to our Empire and Pope during this crusade. However, questions are asked about our intentions and actions during the crusade. Throughout the March Pact and in the Siege and Sack, my faction’s only goal was to serve our Holy Father and take back the Holy Lands from the evil Saracens’ hands. We worked diligently and efficiently to meet our objectives for the good of the crusaders, Greeks, and Christian world.

Some may disagree with the crusaders’ second attack on Constantinople and fellow Christians, however, I confirm we had no choice. Because we were indebted to the greedy Venetians, they forced us to attack Zara to gain an extension so we could pay back the debt from the conquest. If we did not attack Zara, the Venetians would have withdrawn their support and therefore, we could not continue on to Jerusalem. Our first attack on Constantinople was to reunite the Catholic churches, as well as gain men and supplies for our crusade. Prince Alexius had offered to “place the whole obedience to Rome” if we restored to his rightful place on the throne, which would solve the great divide amongst the Greek and Latin Churches. Usurping a traitorous emperor and restoring the rightful heir to the throne, while…

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