The Battle Of Middle Earth : The Lord Of The Rings Essay

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The Battle of Middle Earth: The Hobbit verses The Lord of the Rings

Two great classic novels are The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Both of these are amazing books that teach of courage, faithfulness, and friendship. However, when there are two things in discussion, one usually edges out the other. The Lord of the Rings is more captivating because of the importance of the Fellowship, the differences in the battles, and how the characters are portrayed. One of the most important things that makes The Lord of the Rings so spectacular is the Fellowship. Unlike in The Hobbit where the journeying party is made up of just dwarves, the Fellowship is a mix of many races. This is a far more effective way to complete any task. When there are different kinds of people working together, there comes the benefit of individual talents. Also, different ways of thinking can help. This is where Thorin 's Company, the party, made their first blunder. Having been made up of only dwarves, to the exclusion of Bilbo and Gandalf, they were blinded by their greed and pride. The company did anything that was needed to reach their one goal; no matter who or what came in their way. Whereas in the Fellowship, different members were able to voice solutions where no one would get hurt if possible. The differences between how the two parties handled certain situations is a big factor in how The Lord of the Rings comes out on top. It shows the character of each party. Thorin 's Company did not have…

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