The Battle Of Gun Control Essay

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gunpowder in order to send the spear flying. Due to the power of these new weapons, they were kept secret and not available to the public. It was considered so top secret that no army knew about it until it hit them on the battlefield. Through the evolution of the firearm, more reliable models were created and put on shelves for citizen ownership. Because of the new item on shelves, citizens became wary and some disagreed with the sale of such a violent weapon. This led to a proposition to enforce gun laws, and even boycott the sale of guns in America. There is no doubt that the issue of firearm control is one that is prevalent across the entire globe. However, within America, the main debates toward gun control are: The rising and lowering of crime rates, the lawfulness between gun control and the second amendment of the constitution, and whether gun control is necessary in order to keep citizens at peace while still building an efficient and safe nation. There are many reasons that citizens feel the need to propose stricter weapon laws. Some of these reasons include: views that high powered assault weapons aren’t as important to be owned that handguns used for protection. Also that stricter laws will lower the crime rate by preventing and stopping murder and suicide. There are numerous individuals who will say that these high powered AR-15’s aren’t a necessity to have. Whether this is a true statement or not is just an opinion. However; the constitution states in the…

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