Essay on The Battle Between The Blacks And The Whites

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We don’t really forget ones history; we simply learn to cope with it.
They say history repeats itself, that all of the fears we faced, fought, and those that conquered us, we might still stumble upon them again. The thought of such thing arising spikes goose bumps up my spine... No, I do not have the times we struggled as a nation in mind nor the time American strived to prove were superior, what I have in mind is indeed a much scarce and undeniably horrid…race. The unedifying battle between the blacks and the whites, the battle of skin, the battle that we all are shamed of and afraid to bring it up in upon today’s society. But did race have an impact in our future? Wasn’t race that brought us closer, taught us love, taught us that skin color is simply a small of aspect of who we really are? Didn’t it teach us to value and strive for one and one thing only, our voices to be heard? Thus, was race enrichment within our history that we all so blindly failed to see? One cannot simply move a mountain by starting from its peak; you must start form the very roots of it, the roots being race. Our nation fought for gender equality, avoiding the bigger battle to be fought, race. If only women suffragist fought in the same battle ground as Ida B. Wells. Having to unite and fight for one right would have empowered women at a much faster pace and indeed have had a bigger effect than having these two battles being fought independently. For example, the time Elizabeth Cady Stanton…

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