Essay about The Battery Life For The Tomtom Bandit

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As mentioned previously, the GoPro Hero 4 Silver has a horrible battery life but it has an average battery life compared to its other competition. For example: The Olympus TG-tracker (1hr 30min), Olfi (1-2 hours), and the Garmin Virb XE (1-2 hours). The competition for a Small POV (point of view) High Definition camera is very slim. GoPro is like the “iPhone” of POV high definition cameras. They set new standards in the POV high definition cameras but as time goes by their rivals are improving rapidly. The TomTom Bandit is the GoPro Hero 4 Silver closest competition. It is approximately 100g heavier than the GoPro silver without the housing and approx. 40g with housing. The housing is what makes the GoPro camera waterproof and gives the camera the mounting ability so it is a must. The TomTom Bandit also features a higher still resolution which is 16Mp compared to the GoPro silver 12Mp. The battery life for the TomTom Bandit is on average about 1 hour longer which would bring the total recording time to 3 hours compared to GoPro Hero 4 silver estimated 2 hours. Yep that’s right, 1 hour longer!! Not only does the TomTom bandit camera have a longer lasting battery, higher resolution picture capability but it also has a high quality video at the top end of the settings. The highest video resolution limit of the TomTom bandit is 60 Mb/s and the GoPro Silver is at 45 Mb/s. Therefore there will be no ghosting, pixilation and blurriness whenever you are recording with the…

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