The Basic Structure Of The Counseling Session Essay

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Developmental counseling is very complex process, that may benefit supervisor and employees, if it used in the right manner. Every manager must know how to use counseling. In this will paper we will review a basic counseling approaches, and show the basic structure of the counseling session. Let’s begin with the purpose of developmental counseling. Every work place has a stressful situations, that may lead to the issues affecting work performance. and developmental consoling one of the tools, that manager should use to correct employee’s actions and avoid a bigger problems in the future. But this process is a shared effort, when supervisor assist employee in identifying strengths and weaknesses, and creating plans of action. Also, they support employee through the plane with guidelines and assessments. However, employee should be motivated to achieve his/her goals and targets. It’s proved by many different research, that right counseling session will help with personal and work related issues (“Counseling in the workplace: How time-limited counseling can effect change in well-being.”p 87). But supervisors should know certain qualities to be effective counselors. First of all, they should be respectful to an employees. That is mean, they should allow employee to take a responsibilities for their own actions and ides. That will help to build a mutual respect in their relationship. Mutual repeat will help to change employee behavior towards better goals. Secondly, before…

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