Essay on The Basic Functions Of Management

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Question 1
The basic functions of management are as follows:
1. Planning- Manager will be clear on goals and make the decisions on how his or her staff will peruse them.
2. Organizing- Assembling as well as coordinating multiple resources in order to reach their goals.
3. Leading- Managers opportunity to stimulate his or her employees to reach their highest level of productivity.
4. Controlling- Managers will monitor performance and make changes if necessary.
In any working environment no matter how big nor small each and every employee has seen these acts carried out by their respected managers. Here are a few personal experiences in the workplace that will help one to better understand each function.
Planning- Each week our general manager will decide on a schedule for the week on who he wants to work certain nights. He will plan this out based on the cover count the restaurant has on each night.
Organizing- Each night when employees walk through the door there is an outline organized where each waiter, busser, runner and bartender will be stationed. This is done by our general manager in order ensure our goals are met.
Leading- Before each service our manager will lead us in what we call a pre-shift meeting. This is the general manager opportunity to talk to us about a range of things such as the VIP guest who are coming in for the night which table they will sit at and who will be serving them.
Controlling- There are times that if a waiter or waitress is…

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