The Baroque Era Of Music Essay

1772 Words Nov 14th, 2016 8 Pages
Musical instruments have been around for hundreds of years. Not only have the human voices been used as instruments, but there have been manufactured items that have been made to produce sound. Throughout many eras of music, these instruments have been changed many times, mostly to improve the sound or quality of the sound. There is one particular instrument that has been around for a very long time that has been changed many times. This instrument is the organ. Organs can be very large instruments that are designed into the architecture of building in order to be able to house the instrument. The Baroque era of music is a particularly well known era for the use of the organ. This paper focuses on the origins of the organ and how it changed over time. In addition, how these changes effected the musical periods discussed thus far in class and how these changes effected the music in these musical periods. First, the organ is a music instrument in which air is forced through pipes usually via mechanical means (Forney, Dell’Antonio, Machlis). These instruments are controlled by two or more keyboards with pedals. Organs are often very large instruments and have to be architecturally planned onto buildings in order to not sacrifice the sound the instrument produces. Organs are thought to have been invented by some third century Greek engineer. This very early form of the organ used what is known as hydraulics in order to produce its sound. These organs used water…

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