The Background Of Indian Star Restaurant Essay

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¬¬¬Restaurants play an important role in most countries as they provide various facilities like employment, entertainment and services to the community. In Rotorua one of the Best choices of restaurant for dinning is the Indian Star Restaurant which is located on Tutanekai Street. Indian Star Restaurant is a Restaurant which encourages you to come back again for its mouthwatering food. This Essay will include the following aspects related to the Background of Indian star Restaurant ,what innovative practices /products/service did they implement ,aim of Initiative, what research was taken to support it, results and success factors ,challenges (Indian Star: Tandoori Restaurant, n.d.).
Mr. Ray Singh owner of the restaurant graduated in hospitality and worked as restaurant manager in India in 1987. After working in India he came to New Zealand in 1997 and worked with different hospitality businesses in Auckland. In July 2001 he started with his own business named as Indian star and worked as the managing director since then. At the time of opening they were only four people employed today they are 26 people working in four different branches (Meharry, n.d.).It’s very important in Business to have good contacts and a healthy relationship with the public. Mr. Singh started as a manger with positive attitude and develops warm relationships with different organizations and the public .His aim was to shine like a star and provide something extraordinary to the public in the field…

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