The Autobiography Of Ashley Kennedy Essay examples

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Ashley kennedy Autobiography of Ashley kennedy I was born on August 24th, 2000 into a family of 4. I came home to a two story house where I sill live in even to this day. When I was 5 my parents decided to get a divorce. Up until 2008 there had always been someone else taking care of me and my brother while we were living with my dad in picnic point. My father met my current stepmom in 2006 through work and she happened to be living right down the street from us. I have 5 siblings. My oldest brother Ryan works for my father now. He has a different mother than me and my second oldest brother justin. He is originally from Canada where my father was born and raised. Growing up with a divorced family isn 't what it looks like on tv or anything. When I was about 7 I wasn 't allowed to live with my father. My father had always been aggressive and forceful but up until that point it wasn 't too bad or at least not from what I can remember but I 've heard other wise. He used to get mad at my brother and would be yelling at him in his room but would so frustrated he 's kick or punch a hole in the wall. Once my stepmom would notice the hole he would blame it on my brother. At that point in time she wasn 't yet my stepmother she was just a girl my dad was dating.

There was one moment that will always be remembered and that I 'll never be able to forget. My brother Ryan used to be engaged to…

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