The Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

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From 1939 to 1945 the world was at war. Through the duration of the 1930’s, fascism in Germany, Italy, and Japan was common and created a struggle for America. Although America preferred not to interact in the wars because they were still struggling with the economic depression, they disagreed on how to react with overt aggression in Asia, Europe, and Africa. After several disagreements on whether or not to enter war, the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese evidently entered America into World War II, which has changed the country lived in today. The date December 7, 1941 is infamously known for the bombs Japan dropped at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii which brought the United States of America into World War II. Life across the United States of America changed drastically which has shaped the America we live in today. During and after World War II, civilians were traumatized from the surprise attack, women’s jobs changed, certain citizen’s freedom was stripped, and the economy sky rocketed all in the mid twentieth century. When the bombs were dropped at Pearl Harbor, everybody residing in the small Hawaii area were far more than startled. Witnesses described the attack traumatizing and recall a “very loud explosion that rattled their windows and string of airplanes in a shallow dive toward the ships at the end of our peninsula.” The citizens living around Pearl Harbor were put into a state of shock and defined the experience “mind numbing”. December 7 many…

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