Infamy's Attack On Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941, a day that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. It was certainly “a day that will live in infamy.” (Roosevelt). The United States of America had never been attacked on its own soil during a time of peace. An examination of primary and secondary will reveal the historical importance of this American history. On Sunday, December 7, there was 6 aircraft carriers, 81 fighters, 135 dive bombers, 104 regular bombers, and 40 torpedo planes heading to Pearl Harbor. Also on December 7, antiaircraft batteries was in and around Pearl Harbor, but they were only lightly manned. Most soldiers and sailors on duty would sleep late on a peaceful Sunday morning. Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and Major General Walter Short,
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The next day japans allies of Germany and Italy had declared war on the United States. Hideki Tojo had lead the most carefully plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor. The pacific fleet was crippled. Twenty one ships were sunken, beached, or damaged. 323 airplanes were either damaged or destroyed. Americans were then plunged into World War II. They shouted the slogan “remember pearl harbor!” The Pearl Harbor attack was actually a preventive strategy adopted by the Japanese government to put a hold on the unnecessary interference of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the internal affairs of japan. The most important reason why japan attacked Pearl Harbor was because of the ban imposed by President Roosevelt on the trade functions of Japan. Especially the export of oil, steel, and crap iron. This ban gave a great set back to Japanese economy and their trade and military was adversely affected. (Parrish, Ann). On June 13, American officials were confronted by a series of competing hypotheses. The formation of these hypotheses would determine eventually whether an alert action would be called or …show more content…
Pearl Harbor may therefore be illuminating at this time as a case history on the conditions of surprise. The army is responsible for air patrol and the installation of a radar net. The navy has a similar responsibility. They are responsible for ship patrols and distant reconnaissance. Herren had figured to extend the air patrol 40 miles offshore. Before December 1941, there were three periods of extreme tension in American Japanese relations that resulted in alerts in the Hawaiian Islands. The first tension occurred in June 1940; the second and third happened in July and October, 1941. In June 1940, and October 1941, there was a disagreement between army and navy authorities. (Wohlsetter, Roberta) In conclusion, the events before and after December 7, 1941, has changed the U.S, us, and the world. By ushering America’s efforts in the war on behalf of the allies, totalitarian regimes of Germany and japan were defeated. This victory would not have occurred without America’s entry in the war after this fateful

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