Essay on The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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The brutal surprise of the attack on the Naval base at Hawaii left a big imprint on American history. The attack resulted in an unwanted entry into the Second World War. Although the Americans tried their best to avoid involvement into the war, one devastating attack woke the United States from their neutrality. The attack on Pearl Harbor was only part of Japan 's big plan to take over island nations in the Pacific Ocean. The attack instilled an array of emotions into the American people. Japanese forces only took a short amount of time to conduct the attack, but they were still able to create mass destruction among the harbor. The infamous waves of terror obliterated almost everything in its path. Some key targets were missed, but the whole American Naval fleet was demolished and unable to provide a counter attack of any kind. The planes were the most successful during the attack, but they also deployed attacks on the water and under the water by using submarines and other boats. The aftermath from the attack was surreal as they discovered all of the damages that was done during the couple hour attack. The Naval Fleet was in need of desperate repairs as the majority of aircrafts and ships were hit; some were damaged far beyond repairs, while some ships lay at the bottom of the harbor. In the end, the unexpected attack on Pearl Harbor was an act that hurled the U.S. into the war. The attack could have been foreseen by the actions that the Japanese were taking, because we…

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