The Attack Of Pearl Harbor Essay

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There were many events from the end of World War one to the attack at Pearl Harbor. In America this was a time seen by others as a time of isolation, which it was. The reason America felt the need to isolate themselves is because in November 1918, the American people were depressed and uninitiated from “the Great War”, now called world war one. This lead to the “roaring twenties” where Americans tried to forget about the horrible war, which was the bloodiest war in history during this time, and just party, but when world war two started with the invasion of Poland the United States was dead set on not getting involved in another war. This mentality worked until December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was hugely significant in that it entered America into world war two in the Pacific theater, sent us to war in the Europe theater, and united the American people once again. All these reasons together are huge factors that came as a direct cause of the attack of Pearl Harbor, a terrible, disastrous, yet very significant event in the history of the United States.

The first point is that Pearl Harbor made it so the United States had no other choice than to enter into the war. After losing many soldiers in world war one the United States of America decided to ignore what was going on in the outside world and focus only on what was occurring in their own country. This time in American history is now called Isolationism ( Not that america did not have their…

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