The Atmosphere At Easter Seals Essay

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The atmosphere at Easter Seals required a great deal of communication between all the volunteers and staff. The communication at camp is necessary to ensure safety and fun while the children are at camp for the weekend. I saw a great deal of communication between the directors, nurses, consolers, and cooking staff. There were times that there had to be a large amount of communication between all the staff but, I was also able to see the communication that occurred within one field when a problem arose. Interprofessional communication had to occur constantly during camp. This constant need for communication was achieved by having walkie talkies around camp to use that were all linked together. One time where a multitude of staff had to work together was when a camper got into food that he had listed as an allergy in his file. What first occurred was his counselors saw him eat a crouton when they knew he had an allergy to gluten. Next, they shouted to the cook asking if the croutons were gluten free to see if what he had, he was allergic too. The chef said that they did contain gluten. At this point many other counselors stepped in to make sure that the camper was not having a severe reaction as a counselor walkie talkied the nurse to learn more about his allergy. Shelly stepped in and ask if anyone knew what his reaction to gluten to see if maybe he had ingested it before at camp. During this time the nurse said that it was not as much of an allergy but instead more of an…

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