Atlanteans: On The Evolution Of Man

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On the Evolution of Man Humans are a lazy species. Ever since prehistoric times, humanoids would develop easier and more efficient ways to perform the tasks they must to survive. The innovations they discovered, like fire and stone tools, would go on to shape humanity’s role in the ancient world. Producing new technology has become a cornerstone of modern society, and is obvious when examining the engineering and science field as to why. Tools allowed ancient humans to focus on more than just surviving. Technology allowed humans to thrive , “to be the humans of today,” (Smithsonian). Humans got together to form towns and create works of art. Before long, humans found themselves on the top of the global food chain, endangered …show more content…
Over the course of their existence, humans have accomplished many, many amazing things. They built rockets to tame the air and explore the stars. They tamed nature, being able to split the atom and harness its energy. However, these great achievements were forged in the fire of war. Nuclear bombs threaten every waking moment, waiting to plunge the world into despair and destruction, being so effective that even Robert Oppenheimer, a key component to their creation, “resisted efforts pushing to develop” the next step, hydrogen bombs (University of California). Meanwhile, Atlanteans have created giant ships the size of cities, intuitive yet bizarre control systems, sludge that “seems to be able to heal just about anything,” and control over time and space itself (Riddle 398). The enlightened beings can see the world in a different way, free of interspecies conflict, allowing them to make awe-inspiring creations. Humans are too primal, and thus incapable of such thinking because their need to survive trumps elevated thinking. Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite, believed in a “balance of terror;” when civilizations are capable of mutual destruction there would be no more fighting (Tagil). With the creation of atomic bombs, mutual destruction was possible, but wars still continued, …show more content…
When the Atlantean ship was first discovered, World War II ravaged the world. The Nazis reigned supreme in Europe, and the same is true of the universe of The Atlantis Gene. Using their power, the Nazis uncovered the Atlantean ship, and they sent a squadron inside. They occupied the sub for what was to them months, but was in reality close to fifty years. This time dilation brought a microcosm saturated in the horror of World War II straight to the modern world, showing beyond doubt that society, despite being more technologically advanced than ever before, is still just as backwards. When the ship is found for the second time, a secret war between Immari, a splinter group, and other resistance forces plagues society, not much unlike the battle against the Nazi regime. Humanity are still waging war against their greatest enemy, themselves, unable to put differences aside to work towards a common goal. The Atlanteans were able to do this, and that was the reason that they became gods - they no longer had to be on guard from themselves, and were able to develop free from that pressure, a luxury that humans cannot

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