The Assistant Of Deputy Hildebrand Essay

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I got a change to do a ride along with the York County Sheriff’s Department. The Deputy I rode with is Deputy Alex Hildebrand. Deputy Hildebrand showed me the different aspects of law enforcement. Also, the first hand on how they do their job and see how hard it is sometimes to be in law enforcement career. Deputy Hildebrand has been in law enforcement for almost 7 years. Deputy Hildebrand didn’t want to be in law enforcement. When he graduate from York High School he wanted to be a pilot and wanted to fly. He also wanted to do something in Agronomy or something with Agriculture and he took some classes for that in college. Deputy Hildebrand had a friend that work at Crete, Nebraska police department and told him that he should come and do a ride along with him. Well Deputy Hildebrand went and did the ride along and he really like the ride along. After the ride along he decided that is what he wanted to do. Deputy Hildebrand likes talking to people and also helping his community out. Deputy Hildebrand then went to South Community College in Beatrice, Nebraska for criminal justice. After the two years there he went and finish up a Doane College for criminal justice. After college was all done the Nebraska State Patrol offer him a job to come and work for the Nebraska State Patrol. After he got thought the process and passed everything he got to start the training at the center in Grand Island. After a couple a weeks went by the camp didn’t have enough money to keep the…

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