Essay on The Assistant Of Career Services

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Shadowing is a wonderful way to experience the daily functions of a Student Affairs Administrator. For this assignment I chose to shadow an administrator in the Career Services Department. Ben Rohde, who is the Director of Career Services at Concordia University Wisconsin allowed me to gain a positive incite on the department. There was a lot to take away from this assignment. I learned how critical the Department of Career Services is not only to a college but also to its students. Some of the services that are offered are career counseling, career/major exploration, LinkedIn development, networking opportunities, occupation research, internship assistance, resume building, cover letter assistance, ect. Having these services for students to access can allow them to be successful in their college career and also increase retention rates for colleges and universities.
At Concordia University of Wisconsin within the Department of Career Services there were six individuals working in the office. There are two student workers, Ben Rohde, Sheila Bronberg who is a Career Services Associate, Krista Oldenburg who is the Events and Employer Relations and Chas who is completing his internship. All the staff and administrators were very welcoming. Ben is an alum of the CUW Student Personnel Administration Program which allowed us to have something in common. Throughout the day we were able to relate to the program (Good to Great & Strengths Finder 2.0). During the staff meeting was…

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