American Dream Vanishing Essay

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The American Dream was created to give everyone equal opportunity, and it encouraged people to believe in the freedom that they should so rightfully receive. Since then Americans have had the goal of living a happy and comfortable life (Hartmann). The American Dream is one of the main things that bring people from all over into our country. People come from all over because they believe America is a place for change, but with so many new people coming Americans have been affected. Even though everyone has the vision of America being seen for opportunity and change this is not always the case in today’s time.
In the beginning the American dream was exactly what it sounds like, the dream of most Americans. The American Dream gave many Americans
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To continue the dreams that our founding fathers had for our country we must stop being lazy and do as they done. We as Americans need to learn to get our desire to fight back. We need to relearn how to create new opportunities and chances, we should not just allow our country to go down the drain. We are a country that other countries have admired and we need find our way back to the success that was once present here. We need to stop everyone, not only immigrants but Americans too, from only taking and not contributing. For a country to be successful everyone must follow the rules and work hard.
When the American Dream was first thought of it was for the people of America. This dream was created because everyone wanted and equal chance at success. The American Dream was made possible by people who were not afraid to work hard and fight for what they believe. Today this seems to be disappearing, and this is because the mindset of today’s people. Many people from today’s time wish to receive and not return, meaning they wish to get and not give. We cannot function as a country by living off of the government, and we cannot function as an economy by allowing our jobs to

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