Essay about The Artist Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Iconic. Indubitable. Inspirational. These words could describe the artist Leonardo da Vinci or his masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, or both. It is arguably the best-known painting in the world “attracting six-million visitors a year.” The eccentric artist, curious history, unprecedented style, and ever-changing context of the Mona Lisa are as intriguing as her mysterious smile. Leonardo da Vinci was born illegitimately to a peasant woman in 1452 in “Vinci in the Tuscan country side, thirty miles from Florence, Italy.” Circumstances like these could certainly lead to a life of poverty and hardship. However, these very circumstances seemed to make Leonardo into one of the great minds in the Renaissance period. Leonardo’s father was from a prominent family and Leonardo “grew up with his paternal grandparents.” He enjoyed a childhood free from worries about poverty and with the luxury of spending time in nature. It would have been during this time that his keen observations of the natural world and sense of experimentation started to develop. Presumably, because of his illegitimate start to life, his father arranged for him to apprentice to learn a trade rather than to go to University. Leonardo apprenticed with the artist Verocchio when he was a young boy and learned everything about “the act of painting itself,”. It is likely this is when Leonardo would have started his collection of “pattern books.” Throughout his lifetime he made copious notes and drawings about “painting,…

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