The Articles Of Confederation And Then The Current Constitution Of The United States Of America

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This essay is going to succinctly discuss and analyze the American Constitutions begin with the articles of Confederation and then the Current Constitution of the United States of America.
The United States of America has operated under two constitutions. The first constitution was known as articles of confederation which came into force from 1st march 1781 when Maryland ratified it. The American constitution replaced this earlier version when it was ratified by New Hampshire on 21st June 1788. The two pieces of legislations were different despite having been made by the same people. The American constitution is viewed as having come to solve the loopholes that were found in the article of confederation. The articles of confederation was viewed as a victory for those who favored sovereignty. It sought to promote strong states with a weaker national government fearing domination of the states by a strong national government (Ginsberg, et. al. 2014 : 74) This could be attributed to the fear of having another person like King George III ascending to power. Article 2 of the legislation provided that each state retains its sovereignty freedom and independence. Every power that was not expressly delegated to the United States government remained with the individual states. Under the articles of the confederation the state had the power to tax. The congress which was an establishment under the national government could not carry out taxation. For example congress could not…

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