The Articles Of Confederation And The Us Constitution Essay examples

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When looking at both the Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution, in general they might look similar due to the fact that they were both created for the same reason. Although, if you examine both documents closely, the difference in details begin to become apparent. The Articles of Confederation is “the first basis for the new nation’s government” (pg 64), therefore, there are bound to be similarities between the current Constitution of the United States since they were both crafted with the general idea of creating a democratic government. Despite being similar in many aspects, many differences do exist, for as the times change, the U.S. Constitution has to be ratified in order to keep order within our nation. The United States of America is a country many different people around the world idolize due to our protected freedom and equality maintained through law and order. The country we live in today would not be possible without the Articles of Confederation having carved the path to creating a document in order to provide a democratic government to make all of our current freedoms a possible reality. (page 65) Although the Articles of Confederation did open up the doorway to creating a democracy, due to their bad experiences with monarchy, the founding fathers feared a strong central government. Thus the key similarities between the US Constitution and the Articles of Confederation include very general points such as the limitation of power, the national…

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