The Art of Personal Evangelism Essay

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: The Art of Personal Evangelism

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Jieun Yun
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March 5, 2014

The Art of Personal Evangelism: Sharing Jesus in a changing culture By Will McRaney, Jr. Nashville: Broadman & Holman Academic, 2003, 268 pp., $19.99 paper.

This book “The Art of Personal Evangelism is not to hard to read all of the task of the person who winning to believe in Jesus Christ. McRaney well said about task of evangelism as a practitioner for both the
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McRaney reminds us that the essential gospel message is embodied in Christ by according Kent Hunter, “Evangelism is not just presenting a body of knowledge to another person. It is introducing Jesus Christ Himself to another person. The Gospel is not only the Good News about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Gospel.” And Church must be follow ‘Great commission’ to make disciples of all nations, teaching them. McRaney discusses communication theory on personal evangelism. Those are including making the gospel make sense, communicating inside your context, and communicating outside reader’s context. The Christian who want to spread gospel to lost people must understand the culture to communicate with that people’s inside. In front of sharing the gospel, we must know their age group and culture of them, it means that require knowing who we are talking to before to share the gospel. And following another chapters brings the practical application for the principles: conversation aids, removing barriers that cover items as practical tip for a spiritual conversation. McRaney addressed how to handle plenty objections in the evangelistic encounter and how to change the internal and external barrier to be witnessing effectively. He also suggested guidance how understand the difference of men and women to process and how make decisions.

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