Leonardo Da Vinci Art Analysis

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Leonardo Da Vinci created some of the most iconic works of art throughout his career in painting. Those works of art include The Last Supper and Mona Lisa, these being his two most famous works. Since the 1500s copious amounts of money have been spent on protecting and restoring these works of art to ensure that future generations get to experience the artistry of Leonardo Da Vinci. These two works of art are greatly valued because they represent Da Vinci's passion for art, experimentation, and his new discoveries in his craft. Although these paintings are almost 500 years old they add value to our society by providing inspiration for emerging artists like Da Vinci was during the Renaissance. The Mona Lisa, arguably Da Vinci's most renowned …show more content…
Being that the Mona Lisa is not your typical work of art from the Renaissance, it gives the art more of a reason to be values. The reason is that since it is not the cliché work made during the Renaissance this makes the piece stand out compared to all the other works created during the time period. The artistry demonstrated by Da Vinci in the Mona Lisa painting explains why the work itself is so valued by those in modern society. Da Vinci's second most famous work of art the Last Supper strayed from traditional techniques, like the Mona Lisa, yet still maintained Renaissance values. According to the article "Da Vinci's Impact upon the Art World":
"The difference is mainly in the type of paint used. Usually, in Renaissance times, the type of paint used was oil paints because it increased the longevity of the painting and it gave the painting a sense of depth. However, Da Vinci used a paint called tempura, which was normally used in Medieval times. Leonardo improved upon the technique; instead of painting of painting on wet plaster, he painted on dry plaster so that he would not have to wait as long before adding a second layer of paint. This also allowed the painter to capture the intensity of the emotion at the time instead of him becoming frustrated while waiting for the plaster to

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