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Colombian Culture, and History
The Army 's Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Culture Center. defines culture as a “dynamic social system,” containing the values, beliefs, behaviors, and norms of a “specific group, organization, society or other collectivity" learned, shared, internalized, and changeable by all members of the society (Watson, 2010). Culture can be broken down into five basic areas, thank can be considered “operationally relevant.” These five areas are; the physical environment, the economy, the social structure, the political structure, and the belief system. Many countries in Latin America have a similar culture, however they differ slightly by region, country, and provinces or states within those countries (Watson, 2010). The South American country of Colombia, has a modern culture that is a combination of the native Pueblo tribes, and the Spanish, brought there by the conquistadors in the sixteenth century (DLI, 2009).
Columbia is nearly 440,000 square miles, for reference, it is nearly twice the size of Texas, and is mostly covered in dense tropical rainforests in the southeast, and the western edge is mostly marshy lowlands, and borders the Pacific Ocean (DLI, 2009). While the northeastern border of the country that sits at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, only has lowlands in the areas directly surrounding the shoreline, the majority of this portion of the country consists of mountains and hills that are so steep and rocky they make…

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