The Aritrator Is A Character Driven Drama With Elements Of A Conspiracy Thriller

1372 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
THE ARITRATOR is a character driven drama with elements of a conspiracy thriller. The plot is driven by solid themes about redemption, truth, justice, and making a difference with our life choices. The protagonist is confronted with strong moral choices.

There’s a lot to like about this script. The script poses solid moral questions about health care and cover-ups. The protagonist faces moral arguments as an “arbitrator” hired to clean up and cover-up “fuck ups.” The idea of an arbitrator is a smart story choice.

In addition, the idea of stumbling upon bigger conspiracies: dead patients, who are still alive in the database, and the conspiracy to implement new software that will garnish billions for the owners, all works well to raise the stakes.

The idea of the protagonist, Ryan, beginning a personal relationship with the daughter of a man, who died due to hospital neglect, is another smart choice. The previous relationship with the hospital administrator also provides for a good plot twist that adds nice tension.

All of these elements definitely can work to create a compelling, dramatic conspiracy thriller.

With that said, there’s more room to build upon those strengths. The areas that would benefit from more development includes: structure, pace, dialogue, and tension.

The opening sets the tone and establishes the idea of the arbitrator. There’s some strong dialogue in the first scene. However, Ryan’s constant calls to Jason feel overdone. It can be tightened.…

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