The Argument for Peds Essay example

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Former Notre Dame Football coach, Knute Rockne, once said, “Show me a good and gracious loser and I’ll show you a failure,” (“The Future of Steroids”). The importance of winning in sports and being the greatest has grown immensely. This unquenchable desire to be stronger, faster, and more agile than the opponent, has caused many athletes to stop at nothing to be the best; this pressure has caused athletes to take banned and illegal substances known as performance-enhancing drugs (Performance-enhancing drugs) to achieve maximum strength and speed. The use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs in sports has been obvious to many spectators and sports enthusiasts for quite some time now, and athletes who have been found guilty of taking …show more content…
As a result, athletes have no fear when they walk on to the field, walk up to the plate, step on to the court, etc. because in their minds they know they have taken a performance-enhancing drug that gives them a step-up against their competition. Subsequently, athletes that play without fear, play harder, faster, and as a result, better. However, there is a myth that spectators do not want to watch drug-aided athletes (“Athletes Will Never Stop Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs”). The notion is that the public does not want to spend money to watch cheaters; on the other hand, the general public is driven by action. Spectators tend to want to watch high-powered offenses clash, big hits by football players and bats, etc. For example, in the past decade attendance has spiked at Major League Baseball games each consecutive year. Coincidentally, a look at attendance numbers for each team shows the teams that had players, who took taking performance-enhancing drugs, were the teams that were in the top 10 for the best attendance in those years (MLB: Attendance Report: 2001-2008. Also, the New York Yankees, a team that has had a plethora of players who took performance-enhancing drugs, has held the best attendance record among all baseball clubs since 2003 (MLB: Attendance Report: 2001-2008). It is hard not to question if there is a correlation in the spikes of attendance, and especially teams with the best attendance

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