The Application Of The Principle Of Goal Setting Essay

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The application of the principle of goal setting

In Health Information System Department work reflects the department’s goals, and to achieve organizational goals in terms of scope by beginning with most extensive to least extensive and dividend by four levels as re-engineering, restructuring, work redesign and job redesign. When leaders re-engineer they scrutinize mission, structure and policies and restructuring with the aim to increase efficiency and effectiveness, whilst work design looks at rearranging to maximize on employee commitment by following on task structure, processes and procedure and physical layout. In job redesign they achieve through addition, modification and deletion of certain task sets of the job. The most extensive to the scope are re-engineering and restructuring with the initiative of senior management while work and job redesign will be conducted at middle management level.

The principle of Job enrichment

According to Carpenter et al (2009 p. 344 pdf) defines job enrichment as a technique which allows workers more control and ownership on how they should perform and achieve the job task by way of giving them more responsibilities. The major shift on HIS department were at sector level with adoption of new technology, revised regulation and accreditation standards and one such change was the shift from paper-based processing environment to electronic environment which then affected the economy as a whole. Regulation and accreditation changed…

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