The Apology Of Socrates By Socrates Essay

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Humans have a tendency to let certain strong emotions or feeling take control of them and affect them in many ways. These emotions can act as a type of barrier to understanding and comprehending reality. In the book The Apology of Socrates, Meletus of the prosecution is blinded and sees reality in a distorted sense due to his large pride and hatred against Socrates. Meletus is the “representative”, in a sense, for the poets who Socrates insulted by insinuating that the poets were not wise. Meletus is rather indignant with Socrates and also is puffed up in his own self-importance. Socrates questions Meletus with very intensive questions and Meletus doesn’t realize his short, arrogant answers lead him further into a logical grave. Socrates asks questions that deal in absolutes, such as asking Meletus if he thinks that Socrates “alone corrupt[s] them” (Apology. 24. 25. A8). This highly loaded question is obvious and very easy to counter but Meletus, in his puffed up his own arrogance, misses it and falls straight into Socrates’ trap. Meletus’ arrogance can be contributed to the perceived support he had from the masses of people and his inflated ego knew no bounds. His perception of reality made him lose track of the argument and all he could focus on was to defame Socrates. Meletus thought he had the crowd behind him but in reality, he had no support. His mind twisted reality because he had influenced the crowd before the debate and had talked to them beforehand, creating bias…

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