Compare And Contrast Socrates And Descartes

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Socrates and Rene Descartes are alike in their most fundamental motives but yet contrasting in results both trying to improve thinking but about two different things. One example would be how they each convey their message formal versus informal, another would be their life style and beliefs of how things should be done. Both Socrates and Descartes have completely different views on getting their desired results, and the level of risk one is willing to take to accomplish certain results. Socrates and Descartes even had vastly different upbringing, and views on which sciences are important and others’ inferior to the rest.
What matters to Descartes is certainty in knowledge, living a food life by religion and bringing religion back into people’s
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Socrates defended him self by drawing attention to the fact that he has taught the anyone for many years that would listen with out fee. He even asked the court to excuse his simple mannerisms showing the fact he has never been I trouble with the law, and it was his first time ever being charged with a crime. He talks about how he has never sought public office (power) he talks about how it is society job to influence (work interest of the youth) the youth. He uses an analogy to describe how he is a horse trainer and the youth are horses and how other (society) benefit for his teachings like how to do serein tasks that benefit Athens. Socrates is sentenced to death and given multiple opportunities to escape to another county. He does not run away saying I have lived my whole life in Athens have benefited for it greatly just because I no longer benefit does not mean I can just run away when I no longer favors me. Socrates even uses his last dying breath to show case we wait until the last minuet to tie up loose ends, by asking a friend to pay off some trivial debt. Socrates and Descartes were alike in a bevy of ways, they were both trying to change a way of established thinking, both were trying to get down to what is truth and what is false. Both do have stark differences like Descartes being afraid he would be sentenced to death and Socrates seeing death as liberation. They lived completely different live and in different lifetimes, ones’ mission in life was to improve society the other to build a new house of

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