Arguments Against Socrates

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Socrates argument

In the apology book Socrates have many accusers. Now he is accused of corrupting the youth but He is denying the allegations he is saying that he could not intentionally corrupt anyone. Some people are convinced that he is speaking the truth but some people thing that he is lying. Socrates was teaching the youth not to believe in the gods that the city was believing in but he told them to believe other god not the one that they grew up believing in.
Meletus is accussing socrate of corrupting the youth. Socrates says that hardly anything his his accussers have said is true and that the facts will prove them wrong. I am convinced by the argument that Socrates is making against his accussers because Socrates is working hard
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He believes that for the accusation that meletus has made you don’t take a matter for trial but you advice that person that what he is doing is wrong you don’t just go to courts because when the matter has reached court that means you want punishment. This matter is not subjected to punishment it can be resolved peacefully without anyone facing facing punishment or jail.
If Socrates was corrupting the youth, the youth and their parents should have noticed and reported the matter. If this case was reported by the parents of thr youth that was taught by Socrates it would be strong bt then because it was reported by meletus it is weak. If he wanted this case to be strong he should have collected enough evidence to prove thet the youth was being corrupted, how come doesn’t the parents notice anything about their kids because they are always with them and a stranger notices? maybe they do see that Socrates is doing a good job and there is nothing to worry

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