The Ap Language And Composition Course My Junior Year Of High School

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When I took the AP Language and Composition course my junior year of high school, I scored a three on the exam. As a student who always enjoyed English and did well in the subject, this was a low point, but . However, I still loved literature and knewI still wanted to become an English major at college. That is how I ended up in Dr. Clermont-Ferrand’s “Introduction to English Studies” class. Looking back at my work throughout this course, I noticed that I have a slight preference in applying outward theories over inward theories and that my strength lies in writing clear thesis statements, but I do need to work on my proofreading, transition sentences, and time management. Before I started this course, I knew absolutely nothing about the class or subject. The only impression I had was that it was a requirement for my unofficial English second major, which I was excited to begin. . I was excited to start this class, because it would be my first college English course! And then I realized I had to buy five textbooks for one class. Still, I was ready to learn. Previously, I understood that literary theory is used to analysis text in order to understand the author’s message but, I had no idea that there is more than one theory. out there. Before, whenWhen I heard the words “literary theory” I thought of old men with beards analyzing what authors like Hemmingway meant when they used a metaphor. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that there are many other theories…

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