Essay on The Anti Skeptical Argument, And Modus Ponens

1078 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
Approaching the conflictions regarding the controversial skeptical argument of the Brain in A Vat there can be many flaws or holes seen within the argument itself, Moore’s Proof, the Anti-Skeptical argument, and Modus Ponens. Throughout all of these examples many flaws or counter examples arise that can either help or reject the argument by themselves, but when using all together you get a better stance on the argument. Upon closer examination of premise one, I know that I have hands only if I know I am not a brain in a vat, this statement could be false itself because what if even if I was in a “Vat” I wasn’t just a brain but an entire body, seen within the movie The Matrix. Either way I personally don’t believe there has been an evidence to either disbelieve or believe this theory. Examining Moore’s proof can help gain a better understanding of why the argument could be objected, within premise one he merely states, here is one hand. So at first you may think ok? but then we go to premise two where he again states the obvious, here is another hand, and again together someone may say oh congrats genius you want a cookie? The conclusion of the statement wraps up the common man thought but dives deeper into the true meaning seen by, therefore two human hands exist at this moment. To most this is where the road forks. Do they actually exist or are they a mere imagination created by a scientist? Moore’s point is to prove that every day we say we “know things” that are…

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