Essay about The And The Technology Era

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Living in the 21th century, things have definitely changed since the millennials and the technology era comes in place. Easy access to information, communication, entertainment, and even ‘easy ways’ to get rich are so all over the place. Our era has become an era where everything needs to either be fast or easy. Let’s just say Starbucks. Back in the days, we used to brew and make our own coffee, but not anymore. Now, everyone goes to Starbucks in the morning to get their morning coffee. Smartphones are also a big deal in this era. People buy the latest, fastest, and good looking iPhone in the market, even though they do not really need one. We could also found so many people that constantly protested about having high wages with minimum hours of work. Subconsciously, our generation has become a generation that does not carry ‘hard working’ values in their lives. Everything must be quick, and everything must be instant. If it is also possible, our generation would find ways to even get a 4.0 GPA without studying. This is how crazy it has become. Morality and hard working people are less likely to be found. We do not value 'hard work ' as it should be. We do not even know what it means to be a hard working person anymore. So how can our lives be better without having and holding such 'hard working ' ethics? How can we create a future generation without embodying basic moral and ethics that are now not valued as important as before?

Growing up in an asia tradition and…

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