Essay about The And Summer Leadership Institute

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I attended the TRC and Summer Leadership Institute for CPM July 25th through 27th. The two sessions totaled twenty four hours.

The agendas included:
Classroom Research Projects
Growth Mindset Applications
Principles to Action NCTM
5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Math Discussions
Supporting Productive struggle in Learning Mathematics
Posing Purposeful Questions
Tom’s Problem
Table Talks-Variety of topics from Special Needs Students and classroom issues to CCSS
Three Pillars of CPM---21st Century Learning--Deeper Learning

8 hours TRC
The time spent here focused on newest classroom practices based on teacher research in seven different classrooms across the United States.. The common element uniting these seven studies was they were built on the foundation of growth mindset. Within each of the seven classrooms the teachers had utilized a variety of materials to teach students about growth mindset, and the value of mistakes. From there, each classroom had to a different focus to increase student learning and success. The focus topics were: number talks, team rubrics, goal setting, exam wrappers, exit slips, mistake fixes and quiz/test analysis. The teachers presented what they had done in their classrooms, the data they collected and the impact of the change on learning. These topics are continuing to be investigated in the upcoming year to verify the original results.

16 hours of SLI
Four of the sectionals showcased the information from Principles to Action.…

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