The And Paledenim Code Of Conduct Essay

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UWEAR and PALEDENIM Code of Conduct
UWEAR and PALEDENIM are two supplies companies that have recently merged into one company. Throughout this merger, there were different issues because of the many differences between these two companies. One issue is that UWEAR is a public company, which a “get the job done and go home” attitude, while PALEDENIM, with a “one-for-all and all-for-one” attitude, was a private company. Since the merger, PALEDENIM has become a public company and have become familiar with all the regulations and rules they now have to follow. Also the management team will develop a unified organizational culture. Now UWEAR and PALEDENIM is developing a code of conduct, something new to both of them, in order for the company become an ethical company.
Policies, Reporting Violations and Action of Violation, and Compliance with Rules UWEAR and PALEDENIM, as a newly merged company, has developed this outline of a code of conducts, which all employees shall abide. A code of conduct or otherwise known as a code of ethics, is a guide for employees of UWEAR and PALEDENIM to follow so that it will be an ethical standing company. This outline will include different polices, reporting and acts of violations, and compliance with laws and regulatory orders.
UWEAR and PALEDENIM must have policies that will avoid conflict of interest. One policy should make employees reject gifts from clients and a “no accepting trips from clients”. There…

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