Essay on The And Of The Eye

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Starting at birth, we discover the world through our senses. As infants we begin to learn to identify our mother through her smell and the sound of her voice. During our growth, our five senses continue to play a major role in our development. What we hear, smell, see, touch, and taste help us form schemas and assimilate new information. What organs are responsible for this? How do they work? Our eyes are made up of eleven essential parts which work to together and allow us to see the world. Behind the iris and pupil of the eye, is a transparent lens which works to focus light into the retina and stimulate the two different light sensitive cells that cover it. The first cell, called the cone cells, help us see color and reside in the part of the retina called the fovea. The second set of cells is responsible for our peripheral and night vision, known as rod cells. Rod cells are located around the fovea and while they do not sense color, are much more sensitive to light. The rod cells produce a substance that increases the light sensitivity of the eye which in turn allows us to see in dim light. When the rod and cone cells are stimulated, that information is passed along the optic nerve, to the back of the brain, and a three dimensional image is formed. Interestingly, when the brain receives the images, they are upside down due to the focusing action of the lenses. Our ears are complex organs that are responsible for so much more than allowing us to listen to music.…

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