The And Future Of Organ Donation Essay

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If you had a chance to save up to eight people’s lives, would you do it? If you’re an organ

donor, that may be possible.

The concept of organ donation is a very important idea, especially in today’s medical

community. In this paper I will discuss the history, present and future of organ donation ranging

from its beginnings in the 8th century B.C. to modern technology and techniques. I will also

discuss the difficulties surrounding awareness of becoming an organ donor, including religious

views; the different theories on how to get more people to donate their organs as well as the

critical responses that are opposed to those ideas; and alternatives to organ donation such as

human grown artificial organs. The goal of this paper is to increase awareness of just how

important organ donation is.

Organ Donating is the process of obtaining healthy organs in the body that can extend the

life of someone else through transplant. The process is very simple but can vary from state to

state. Some states ask people if they would like to put their approval for organ donation on their

driver 's license and some have an official way of registering people for it. However, it is always

best to just fill out a donor card and carry it in a wallet or purse. It is most important that a

potential donor talk to their family about their wishes because the family is given the final

approval before an organ donation can take place.

According to the American Transplant…

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