The And Demand For Degree Essay

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The Occupational Divide The supply and demand for degree production has faced considerable discrepancy in recent years. Reports indicate that half of bachelor-degreed graduates under the age of twenty-five are currently experiencing employment difficulties. Of the Americans receiving master’s degrees and doctorates every year, 600,000 of them are on public relief. While I do concur with Mr. Krasnikov’s belief in the need to resolve this incongruity, I am not in accord with his proposed solution. By requiring universities and academic institutions to abide by a restrictive production system, the rights of the students, as well as the private institutions, would be infringed upon. Postsecondary schooling is predominantly voluntary; therefore, it is the right of the student to choose his or her desired major. Private institutions also have the right to garner potential scholars, regardless of market demand for particular fields. Universities are first and foremost a type of business; they provide their costumers, the students, with services like educators, courses, and an environment that caters for their desired occupations .
Mr. Krasnikov’s research was primarily concerned with the overproduction of graduates seeking certain occupations that require a college degree. Once of the causes for this overproduction dilemma is the not the type of degree the students are receiving, but rather the fact that they are receiving a degree at all. It is important to note that a college…

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