Amur Leopard Essay

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One of the most critically endangered big cats with only 35 left in the world. They have been critically endangered since 1996. If the amur leopard becomes fully extinct this will cause the ecosystem to become unstable. Reasons why they are critically endangered/threats include habitat loss. It is estimated that between 1970-1983, the Amur leopard lost an 80% of its territory. They will have nowhere else to go. deforestation cutting down trees, Poaching illegal trade, prey being taken by humans for farming. conservation for farming, Vulnerable population size and inbreeding.

Because the amur leopard is so endangered it its at risk of going fully extinct. However not all of their habitat is lost. Large parts of forest which are
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There have been many efforts to save them from full extinction. For example there have been some laws protecting the amur leopard from extinction as well as other species. Even though they have laws to protect these species, it's the organisations NGO’s that work in the field to protect the lives of these animals

Anti poaching:
In 1998 they put together an anti poaching team which has been very effective. The anti poaching team has been working where the amur leopard live to help stop illegal poaching. 1998 was the first conservation/protection project for the amur leopards. The main goal of the anti-poaching activities is to significantly reduce poaching of leopards and their prey. The anti-poaching teams acts against all types of poaching, as well as against illegal trade of animal parts. They make sure that people don't hunt illegally. They help to protect the overall ecosystem which helps everything in the Amur Leopard’s habitat.

Fire control:
Forest fires are a threat to the amur leopard's forest habitat replacing it with temperate grassland that the leopards avoid. They needed something to be done to stop the fires from occurring The most affected area from the fires is located in the middle of the Amur leopard’s habitat. In order to protect the forest from fires and harming the leopards a firebreak system was built this is a barrier to slow or stop a forest

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