Persuasive Essay On Florida Panthers

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In Florida panthers are endangered. There is about 100 wild Florida panthers. These panthers are not being killed due to natural causes, it’s due to humans destroying their habitats and our killing. If these panthers go extinct, it will have an irreversible effect on the entire panther species.

The fact that Florida Panthers have been extinct since 1973 is stunning. Panthers help us in many ways! Panthers regulate our food chain. If they didn’t regulate our food chain, it would unbalance the food chain and would possibly affect another species. Say, if a specie of fish depended on snails to feed them, and the snails went extinct, the fish would most likely die out. Speaking of the food chain, Florida Panthers also balance animal population and prevent overgrazing. If there were too many of one animal, it would disrupt the food chain because there wouldn’t be enough food to feed them. If they consume too much of the food we eat, there wouldn’t be enough for the animals and let’s
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I want them to put a restriction on build on the habitats of innocent animals, and in this case, the endangered species, Florida Panthers. I also request that they make a hunting law for the Florida Panthers, I believe that we need to give them time to recover. Also, I will contact the government in different ways regarding my concerns of the Florida Panther. Another way I’m going to support my concern is to follow groups that are also agree with my problem.

Since I can’t do this myself, I want you to enforce laws for the Florida Panther. We need to give them time in order for this to work.I also want you to do a more reasonable thing, follow any group that supports my concerns about the Florida. Although I haven’t done any extensive research on groups yet, I’m sure there are plenty of groups out there that support my dilemma. Another way that isn’t demanding is to contact them about my

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